Monday, April 28, 2008

Robert Ludlum

I recently read The Bancroft Strategy, the most recent book by one of my favorite authors, Robert Ludlum. This wouldn't be at all unusual except that Mr. Ludlum has been dead since 2001 so it seems strange that he is still publishing new material. Interestingly, Mr. Ludlum (with a few co-writers) has been quite prolific since his death (check out this New York Times article on how this is possible This particular book does not credit another author but was completed (by someone who did not wish to be acknowledged) from an unpolished manuscript written by Mr. Ludlum before his death, and unlike some of the works published since his death, this one stays true to his original conspiracy driven style.

Todd Belknap, a Cons-Op agent whom handlers believe has turned rogue, sets out to rescue his partner and friend who has been kidnapped by militia in Lebanon. Andrea Bancroft, a banker from Connecticut, has inherited 12 million dollars and a seat on the board of her estranged family's prestigious charitable Bancroft Foundation. After spending some time with Paul Bancroft, the foundation's leader, Andrea suspects that there is a sinister layer to the apparent philanthropy of the foundation. Todd and Andrea's paths cross and they become reluctant partners in the search for Todd's partner, the truth about the Bancroft Foundation, and the identity of the mysterious Genesis, who seems to be involved in both. True to Ludlum style, even when questions are answered and problems resolved, there is never really a happy ending and always room for a sequel.

I'll be donating my copy of the Bancroft Strategy to the Norton High School Library when my husband finishes it. In the meantime, if you want to read some pre-death Ludlum, check out the Bourne Trilogy but don't be surprised by how little they resemble the Matt Damon movies. Huge liberties were taken there.

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