Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Great to be a Sports Fan in New England!

Wow, how lucky are we to be fans in New England? The Red Sox didn't just win, but swept the World Series last night (allowing me to finally get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight)!! What a season and what a future we have with our young players. The Patriots are having an incredible season - 52-7, wow! Tom Brady is on pace to smash records and Randy Moss just can't miss. And lets not forget BC football (ranked #2) - what a game Thursday night against Virginia Tech. Being a BU girl I typically don't cheer for BC but since BU doesn't have a football team anymore (another topic for another time), I will gladly support the Eagles in this case. The Bruins and the Celtics are also looking good. Patrice Bergeron had a scare on Saturday but he's been released from the hospital and the prognosos is good. My kids have no idea how lucky they are. They're 10 and 8 and have both been around for two Red Sox World Series wins and three Patriots Super Bowl wins. I asked them how many Super Bowls they thought I'd seen the Patriots win and Colin said 7 or 8. He was quite surprised when I told him that I'd only seen three. Times have changed for Sox and Patriots fans. Congratulations Red Sox and Red Sox Nation!

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