Thursday, January 31, 2008

NHS Students are Reading More! What are You Reading?

Perhaps due to SRR or perhaps due to my blog (less likely, but one can hope), students are reading more at Norton High School! How do I know this? I took a look at the circulation statistics from September through January of 06-07 and the same months in 07-08 and discovered that 171 more books circulated this year than last year. That's a substantial difference under ordinary circumstances but since I see fewer of you each day due to the elimination of studies, I think it's monumental! It seems that when students are given time to read for pleasure they remember that they do actually enjoy it! Teens are so busy with school, extra-curricululars, and work that they just can't fit it all in and reading for pleasure is often one of the first things to go. SSR is giving this back and it is being embraced by many of you.

So what are you reading right now? I know this might not be the best time for this question as I hope you're all reading It's Not About the Bike, but what else are you reading, or what have you read recently that you would recommend to others? I am reading Son of a Witch. I was a huge fan of Wicked (I know, not everyone agrees) and I'm enjoying the sequel. I'm taking my time because I really don't want it to end. Let's hear what you're reading.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading "A Walk To Remember" by Nicolas Sparks. I am not impressed with Sparks' writing, but the storyline does seem very unique and is quite intriguing. I'm just getting to an intense part. So far I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.

-kevin fisher

Mrs. Young said...

I read that a long time ago (before it was made into a movie) and I'd have to agree with you. Nicholas Sparks is very popular but this is probably the only book I will read by him. I've never been a big fan of romance novels. I think I enjoyed A Walk to Remember because it was different.

Anonymous said...

I've also read "A Walk to Remember". It was a sad story, but his writing did not move me as much as I expected it to. The movie was actually more touching than the book (I think).

I have just finished "The Falls" by Joyce Carol Oates for my Outside Reading. It's an interesting story about a wife whose husband throws himself into Niagara Falls while on their honeymoon, and how she lives her life after the incident. I was actually pretty happy reading it; the Outside Reading Project gave me an excuse to "pleasure" read.

As for "Wicked", I enjoyed that book too. I loved how Gregory McGuire could twist our perceptions of an old classic just by telling us a story of what happened before. My view of "The Wizard of Oz" really did change after reading that story. I saw "Son of a Witch" while I was at Borders and I am hoping to read that someday soon.

- Rosemary Le

Anonymous said...

I just finished the book "The Memory Keepers Daughter". Some people were telling me that it was an obvious ending but I didn't think so. I enjoyed the book and I think it is going to be my outside reading project book.

Like everyone else, I am currently reading "Its Not About the Bike". Once I finish this book, I hope to start "Water for Elephants". I heard it was really good.

Michelle Le said...

I read The Memory Keeper's Daugter a little while ago. I would have done it for my outside reading project too if our class didn't have assigned authors. So instead I have to write a paper on Joyce Carol Oates' We Were the Mulvaney's. I found both books rather depressing at times, but overall they were pretty good. The good thing about Outside reading is that I found another author whose books I like!

rdewar said...

I am currently reading "Bobby Jones and the Grand Slam" by Mark Frost. Dr. Ansay has also asked all administratorsto read "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. I am feeling a bit weird about that one, but i have a copy of the book and have read the first chapter. We shall see. SOmthing different.

NHS Student Council said...

"19 Minutes" was a very sad and depressing read. In a way, it was even more depressing than "My Sister's Keeper". Hard to imagine, I know.
But I think it is very good book to read. Very enlightening, because readers learn that seemingly insignificant acts, like bullying, can destroy lives if the victim ever decides to get revenge. If anything, readers learn that actions really do have consequences.
A word of advice to anyone who plans to read "19 Minutes" ... make yourself as cheerful as you can before settling in. If possible, read outside with the sun shining and the birds chirping. Try to avoid reading it on a cloudy day, and NEVER read it if you are already depressed. Bad combination.